U.S. Air Force Academy - Control Tower


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11,410 SF


U.S. Air Force Academy - Control Tower

This control tower was to have a very low maximum height of 72 feet and be designed to control air traffic on two parallel runways – one for glider craft and the second for single engine trainer aircraft. The special oversized cab at the top allows for two sets of controllers to handle both runways and provide an open area for cadet observation as well.

The project appearance was to be in strict context with the International Style of other facilities at the Academy, thus, cladding of silver aluminum skin and slick minimalism were incorporated in the design. To lighten the appearance, the base of the structure was divided into two legs, one for stairs and the other for elevator, lobby and mechanical risers. This allowed for the mountains and campus to be framed between the legs, as viewed from the adjacent main highway.

A viewing lounge was installed below the cab and catwalk, which serves as an employee break room when not in use by visiting dignitaries. Cantilevered “V-shaped” glass windows on both sides of the lounge afford views of the campus in all directions.

The attached one story Operations Facility is a concrete clad building, which mimics the style of other buildings on the airfield and reflects the International Style of the famous main campus buildings. Government policy required the use of zero landscaping, and boulders were used for force protection at the perimeter.