Val Verde Correctional Facility and County Jail


Architecture / Engineering




241,560 SF


Val Verde Correctional Facility and County Jail

This 570-bed expansion had a number of unique challenges. However, each was met with ingenuity and hard work and allowed us to complete the project on time and within budget. All two-bed cells were pre-fabricated concrete units, provided by a Georgia subcontractor. These units were shipped by train to Eagle Pass, Texas, due to a lack of unloading facilities in the Del Rio area. They were then shipped by escorted trucks to Del Rio and set on foundations upon arrival. This three-hour round trip process allowed for the setting of approximately eight units per day. Additionally, the expansion called for a new laundry facility, which incorporated some of the equipment from the existing laundry facility. This proposed special challenges for a number of reasons: increasing existing openings, providing special security guards during the transfer and converting the previous laundry area into three additional holding cells. Every aspect of this expansion was closely coordinated with the Owner’s operating staff, allowing for coordinated sequencing and efficient transition.