University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Master Plan and Renovations






1,200,000 SF


University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Master Plan and Renovations

A comprehensive campus-wide building condition assessment was conducted by a team including architects from the Nelson Architectural Group and engineers from Cromwell Architects Engineers. The assessment included 48 buildings on the Pine Bluff campus totaling approximately 1.2 million square feet of building space and was focused on documenting the condition of each building and cataloging the deferred maintenance issues. This document was intended for use by the campus master planning team that was collecting facility information starting the summer of 2014. The cost of the deferred maintenance issues discovered were project cost estimated and compared against the estimated building value to determine a facility condition index (FCI) with the larger FCI values indicating a facility in poor condition. A total of $20,708,591 in deferred maintenance items were found with the study. After the study was done, Cromwell designed major upgrades to the Campus Lighting systems, the Fire Alarm systems, an Energy Performance Contract, and a full HVAC renovation of classroom building Kountz-Kyle, a single story, 35,874 SF facility that was built in 1960.