Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics


Interior Design




52,000 SF


Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics

With a practice spread across three buildings, Arkansas Specialty Orthopaedics had Cromwell assist them in a phased design and construction process that consolidated their entire practice in one building. Already occupying 75% of their current building, Cromwell proposed a phased process that would keep them operational during construction. The scope of the challenge included providing separate therapy spaces for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. PT is located on the 1st floor adjacent to the entrance of the building as well as the MRI suite and Joint Clinic, while OT occupies sufficient 2nd floor space conveniently co-located within the Hand and Upper extremity Clinic. The third floor is an administrative center and contains the employee break room, conferencing spaces, offices, and bookkeeping. The 4th floor is a totally new clinic space for spine, sports medicine & first care where 8 doctors can practice simultaneously.

This project is the recipient of an ASID Bronze Award.