University of Arkansas - Yocum Hall


Architecture / Engineering




100,000 SF


University of Arkansas - Yocum Hall

This total building renovation of a mid-century 1960's residence hall includeds upgrades to fire protection, plumbing, power distribution systems, and other building infrastructure.  The HVAC system was upgraded to a 4-pipe system.  In addition, the scope of work included asbestos abatement and roofing repairs.  The projecting building ledges at each floor were repaired and sealed.  This project also replaced windows and doors and upgraded building interior finishes, including paint, flooring, millwork, and furnishings.  All bathrooms were upgraded and new floor lounges and other public spaces provided to improve the original dormitory layout.

Project included remodel of ground and first floors to better accommodate need of honor students planned to be housed in the facility. Careful attention was given to future master plan for this quadrant of the campus which includes additional housing, retail, and urbanization. Project required careful planning of construction which occurred in phases while the building was occupied by students.