82nd Airborne Division Artillery Headquarters C7946


Architecture / Engineering




9,000 SF


North Carolina
82nd Airborne Division Artillery Headquarters C7946

The existing 9,000 SF one story structure was built in 2004 and is currently used as an office.  It will be renovated into a new Brigade Headquarters Office for the 82nd Divarty Brigade.  The Scope of Work for the project includes the design of a new layout for open offices, standalone offices, a command office area, conference rooms, a brigade museum, restrooms, secure storage, mechanical, electrical, and communication rooms. Demolition to consist of demolishing all of the existing flooring, ceiling, and some interior walls. The new work consists of new interior walls, painting, flooring, and ceilings. The restrooms will be renovated with new fixtures, toilet accessories, and toilet partitions. Due to new layout, there will be minor modifications to the fire protection, fire alarm, plumbing, HVAC, lighting, electrical, and data. The HVAC system will be analyzed for deficiencies and if are found, they will be corrected including but not limited to along with the ductwork will be cleaned, hot water heater replaced, chiller pumps replaced, and the boiler replaced.