Arkansas Children's Hospital Lobby Expansion


Architecture / Engineering




31,643 SF


Arkansas Children's Hospital Lobby Expansion

Recognizing the emotional impact hospitalization can have on an ill child is a necessity in designing a pediatric healthcare facility. The Lobby Expansion/ Renovation is the arrival point for the family-centered care provided by this nationally renowned healthcare institution. Warmth, safety, and intriguing aesthetics welcome young patients as their parents are quickly oriented, provided information, and transitioned to other parts of the building.

The bright colors and varying shapes of the Lobby and Reception Area clearly indicate that the health care center is a special place for children. A native palette of materials rich in texture and colors reinforces the outdoor "natural beauty" theme prevalent through use of water features, trees and other symbolism. Attractive views of the outside garden area and the State Capitol are featured prominently in the design. The playground layout based on the physical shape of the state highlighting mountains, rivers, forts and other significant attributes will be especially memorable to the patients.

Personal amenities such as a place to pause, telephones, water fountains, and rest rooms are provided, along with separation of activity/ noise areas from quiet, reflective spaces. A post office and business center will help parents cope with their day to day responsibilities while their children are being treated. A "60's style" soda fountain serves refreshments. The space also features different lighting zones such as task, play and quiet areas to respond to specific activity needs, while the creative use of pin lights replicates a clear night sky under sound absorbing "cloud and tree" ceiling features.