Arkansas Children's Hospital Office Building Data Center


Architecture / Engineering




2,400 SF


Arkansas Children's Hospital Office Building Data Center

Cromwell was contracted to design a new connection between the Data Center chillers and the underfloor distribution system to the server rack units. The heat produced by vast banks of computer equipment in the Data Center on the first floor of the ACH office building is mostly removed by many integral, in-rack cooling units. Those units are provided with chilled water by two large air-cooled chillers. The chilled water is routed to the computer racks by above-ground insulated piping, then exterior buried, integrally insulated plastic piping, then internal-routed piping, ultimately to smaller piping in the raised floor system. ACH has twice experienced leakages from the underground portion of the piping, that in at least one case led to a extended (and potentially catastrophic) cooling outage. The leaks were reportedly very difficult to locate. Resilience & reliability are critical for the ACH data center, as the Hospital depends on it for most functions.