Arkansas Electric Cooperative Master Plan Update


Facility Condition Assessment




468,600 SF


Arkansas Electric Cooperative Master Plan Update

In the late 1990s, Arkansas Electric Cooperative constructed a new headquarters building on their Little Rock campus. As a part of that work, Cromwell assisted the organization in a planning process to make sure that the new facility would meet their needs well into the future. In the 12 – 14 years since the completion of the main headquarters building and the renovation of the older Oswald buildings, the facilities performed well in terms of meeting the organizational needs and allowing for growth and expansion.

In this time period, however, AECC has experienced numerous changes due to government regulations and more stringent federal security requirements. It became necessary to re-evaluate the allocation of space in the various facilities and the location of future facilities on the campus.

To address these space needs issues, interviews were held with division heads or representatives to evaluate current space utilization and to determine space needs for the next 10 years. The interviews focused on current space needs and future needs, and tried to identify areas where inefficiencies may suggest reconfiguration. The discussions also revealed unused or marginally used spaces that may be available for re-purposing.

The buildings on campus were analyzed to evaluate space usage and to identify ways to meet the short term office space needs and redistribute staff to improve adjacencies for the various divisions of the company. Based on the interviews and information provided by AECC leadership, planning recommendations were developed by Cromwell's team.

The results of this planning process were summarized in an update to the AECC campus master plan which showed short term, intermediate term and long term growth. This document is for the internal use of the leadership team to assist in planning for future needs, but also for submittal to the City of Little Rock to communicate the projected growth of the organization.