Arkansas Promise architectural intern, Dorian Shavis


Cromwell Architects Engineers had a great opportunity to host an Arkansas Promise Intern last summer. Dorian Shavis spent a month working with us and experiencing what it takes to be an architect. The internship culminated with Dorian presenting some of the work he did while at Cromwell.  Dorian completed the internship the summer before his 10th grade year at Central High School.

Arkansas PROMISE is part of a new research program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and the Social Security Administration (SSA) to help youth and their families improve their educational and employment outcomes. The program is being administered by the Department of Education and the University of Arkansas, in partnership with several other state agencies and private organizations.  PROMISE focuses on providing job skills and knowledge, by connecting students to potential employers and arranging for paid work that is vital to their growth. PROMISE helps today's young adults set goals to be connected, included and successful in their communities. 

It was such a fantastic experience for everyone that they made a short video about it.

Click here to see the video!