Arkansas State Police Headquarters


Architecture / Engineering




200,000 SF


Arkansas State Police Headquarters

The headquarters for the Arkansas State Police is housed in the former Southwest Mall which was altered to accommodate the offices and facilities necessary to accomodate all of the State Police functions. This facility contains over 200,000 square feet of renovated space. The new headquarters supports all troops and is positioned to give Arkansas’ 75 counties additional access and support.

The exterior of the building is adorned with a navy blue tile stripe, which creates a connection to the blue stripes that mark the hood and side of each trooper car. The building entrances feature arched openings that lead to small courtyard areas and lobbies. At the central entrance, you enter through the openings of a curved tile-covered wall which leads to a covered walkway supported by bright red pillars and then into the main museum-style lobby. On each side of this entrance is the memorial wall for officers who have died in the line of duty. The entrances are accentuated by a neat, evenly spaced row of narrow windows that run the length of the building.

Highlights include space for the Automated Fingerprint Information System and its staff. This allows officers on patrol to fingerprint and identify someone from a remote location. A digitally controlled heating and air conditioning system, designed to save money and energy; and a sophisticated access control system for security throughout the facility are also included.

The building was designed around an internal employee corridor. The public may enter through one of the five entrances on the north face of the building but are required to be escorted beyond that point. To increase awareness of the outdoors throughout the interior office spaces, skylights and greenery-enriched courtyard areas can be found along the major corridor running the length of the building. The building also includes large classrooms and training rooms, one with tiered seating, two large board rooms, communications and 911 center, a vehicle maintenance area with eight bays for servicing vehicles, gas station, and a car wash. Additional areas include secure storage, wood working shop, darkroom, fitness center, helicopter pad and trooper barracks and training center.