Blanchfield Army Hospital


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640,000 SF


Blanchfield Army Hospital

Cromwell worked with Allied Reliability to properly manage maintenance activities and processes, and support a reliable facility infrastructure at test site Blanchfield Army Community Hospital, Fort Campbell, Kentucky. Objectives to improve maintenance performance to targets included:

  • Initial Site Survey. The objective was to gather all pertinent data and to meet with command and maintenance staff to explain the scope and process of the task order.
  • Analysis of asset criticality and failure modes (AC&FM). The objective of the analysis of AC&FM was to arrive at a hierarchical ranking of real property components by impact of failure to clinical operations.
  • Baseline measurement of selected real property components. The objective of baseline measurement was to establish scientific/reliability based measurement of critical real property components using condition based monitoring techniques.
  • Development of enhanced maintenance plans (EMP) & training. The objective of EMPs is to establish a detailed plan to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance operations by established targets.
  • Development of maintenance contract or in-sourced maintenance staff statement of work. The objective was to develop a revised maintenance contract maintenance contract or in-sourced maintenance staff statement of work that results in improved maintenance contract performance in accordance with established targets developed In the EMP.