"If I were defined by an object, it would be a small, freestanding stone arch that I made many years ago. I like the way that its construction relies on all the pieces working together — if any stone is taken away, the whole thing falls apart. I think that building and creating is a fundamental part of the way we are made as human beings."

Bob Keltner, AIA, ALEP

Director, Architectural

(501) 400-1067

Bob was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. He first came to Cromwell to make models as a young college intern who was disillusioned by pre-med courses. He went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude from Harvard University, with a Bachelor of Arts in Engineering and Visual and Environmental Studies. From there, he earned his Master of Arts in Architectural History at the University of York, in York, England, while on a Rotary International Scholarship. He pursued his architectural degree at the University of California, Berkeley, and completed a Master of Architecture in Design. Bob practiced architecture for four years in California before coming to his senses and returning to Arkansas. Bob is now a principal in the firm and has experience with a wide range of projects, with an emphasis on educational and federal government work. He has always loved the diversity in the practice of architecture, and the way it interfaces with so many different types of people and professions.

Bob lives in the historic Hillcrest neighborhood of Little Rock with his family and a spoiled English Springer Spaniel named Charlie. Bob is a member of the West Little Rock Rotary Club, and enjoys gardening, oil painting and all kinds of music. He is active in his church as an elder and leads music for the pre-school class, one of the few audiences that truly appreciates his artistry on the guitar.

What is your favorite quote?

"All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." -Pablo Picasso 

Very few people know that I...

Once performed the national anthem at a major league baseball game. I was in an eight man a cappella singing group called the Pneumatics.

What was your first concert?

Loretta Lynn at Robinson auditorium. My parents and grandparents kept complaining about how loud it was.

What is the best dish you can cook?

Scones. I'm also not bad at rhubarb pie.