Commissioning Chievres Belgium Veterinaration Clinic, Belgium


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Commissioning Chievres Belgium Veterinaration Clinic, Belgium

Cromwell provided Commissioning Services for the new Veterinarian Clinic on the Chievres Belgium airbase in Belgium. The scope of Commissioning included the following systems:
a. Building Water and Sewer Systems
b. Air Handling Systems
c. Chilled Water Systems
d. Heating Water and Steam Systems
e. Renewable Energy Systems
f. Condenser Water Systems
g. Conveying Systems / Elevators
h. Vacuum Systems
i. Natural Gas System
j. High Voltage Electrical Systems
k. Low Voltage Distribution System
l. Building Communications (voice, data, nurse call, patient monitoring, etc)
m. Emergency Power Systems
n. Fire Detection and Alarm System
o. Fire Sprinkler Systems
p. Security and Access Control Systems
q. Lighting Control System
r. Lightning Protection Systems
s. Emergency Lighting Systems
t. Interfaces between life safety systems
u. Mass Notification Systems
v. Building Automation Systems and Energy Management Control System hardware and software, sequence of operations, and integration of factory controls with EMCS
w. Building envelope air and moisture control