Coraopolis Commissary


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43,085 SF


Coraopolis Commissary

The new facility is a 43,085 SF commissary with 22,036 SF of sales area. The site is located outside a controlled perimeter, increasing the required ATFP standoff distance to 148 ft for conventional construction. The site for the new store is not sufficient to provide this required standoff distance, so the building must be hardened on three sides. During design, a blast analysis was performed, and the resulting design will withstand blast loading from the required charge weight air burst explosives at the shortened standoff distance on three sides.

The commissary is a steel frame structure with tilt-up concrete walls. Masonry veneer was added on the patron entrance elevation to match the adjacent HQ building, and the architectural style matches the style of the HQ building also. The tilt-up concrete walls and concrete roof diaphragm provide the required blast resistance for the building. Side and rear elevations have masonry wainscot for durability near grade, with a Thorocoat finish on the tilt-up above. Rooftop mechanical and refrigeration centers are utilized to reduce impact of these equipment areas on the floor plan. A screen wall around these rooftop units visually screens the units from view.  Skylights provide daylighting in the sales area and the warehouse. High efficiency HVAC and lighting are included in the design of the store to reduce energy consumption during the operation of the store. As with all commissaries Cromwell designs, heat recovery from the refrigeration system is also included to further increase energy efficiency.

The service yard includes 2 dock doors for receiving, 1 at-grade receiving door and 1 covered dock with a receiving door. Parking for 202 cars is located on the south side of the store between the store and the adjacent highway. The Sales Area includes a 586 SF deli/bakery, a large 1,000 SF mass display area near the entry, 1,072 lf of gondola shelving, 96 lf of produce display cases, 92 lf of meat display cases, 76 lf of dairy display cases, 12 doors of dairy display, 85 doors of frozen food display, 16 lf of frozen coffin display, 5 checkout registers and 4 self-checkout stations. One patron entrance with an ID desk was included in the design because the store is located outside of a controlled perimeter. Backroom areas for storage and processing are sized and laid out to maximize operational efficiency of the store.