Cromwell Opens Exhibit at Old State House Museum


In conjunction with Cromwell’s 130th anniversary, we paired up with Abandoned Arkansas and the Old State House Museum to create an exhibit, Lost + Found: Saving Downtowns in Arkansas, which is on display at the Old State House Museum until December 11th.

"This exhibit takes a close look at eight pieces of Arkansas's architectural heritage; some of those are in dire need of preservation, and others are outstanding examples of restoration and creative reuse,” said Bill Gatewood, Old State House Museum Director. Designer of many of these structures, Charles Thompson was one of the most influential architects of our time and a founding partner of Cromwell. In his time, he and his partners designed over 2,500 structures – hundreds of which still stand. However, some of these buildings are in danger.

In this exhibit, we present some of our most endangered communities and some our greatest success stories. Gatewood says, “The Old State House Museum is a natural venue for this exhibit, as the repository of the drawings of Charles L. Thompson and as one of the state's earliest historic preservation success stories." The hope is that those who see the exhibit will be encouraged to take action, become involved in their communities, and help save these historic buildings from further decline, before more of our architectural heritage is lost.

As part of the exhibit, Cromwell's Director of Finance and Business Development, Dan Fowler will be giving a presentation at the Old State House Museum at noon on Thursday, December 3rd to further expand on Cromwell's history.