Defense Logistics Agency Building 81 Renovation, New Cumberland, PA


Architecture / Engineering




62,021 SF


Defense Logistics Agency Building 81 Renovation, New Cumberland, PA

Design of the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Building 81 Renovation located at the Defense Distribution Center, Susquehanna facility located in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. Building 81 was constructed in 1951 and is currently the Global Headquarters building for DLA Distribution. Extensive renovations were required to the fire suppression, communication, electrical and the HVAC systems within this building. In addition, some interior and exterior architectural enhancements were completed as part of this project.
The project included the preparation of a construction bid package to be used for competitive bidding of improvements.
The design package included a 1391, calculations, design drawings, cost estimates, catalog cuts, specifications and other applicable documentation to provide a complete package.
The design was in accordance with the Unified Facility Criteria, International Codes, NFPA 101, LEED, DLA Policies/Regulations/Guidance, Federal High Performance Building requirements, state, local and federal regulations.
The Building 81 renovations include the following:
Repair exterior of the building by cleaning (washing) and painting of the exterior finish insulation system.
New ADA compliant pathway to main entrance of building.
Interior repair/renovations include groundwater remediation, ceiling tiles, wall finishes and stairwell renovations.
Repair of aging steam heating system by replacement with new hot water heating system for the entire building. These repairs include replacement of air handling units, fan coil units, unit heaters, piping, controls, etc. Utilized natural gas fired boilers for the generation of hot water for building heating. Repair by replacement an air cooled chiller sized for the appropriate cooling load for the entire building.
Repair of existing Building Management System (BMS) by replacement with a new BMS system.