East Becomes Certified Green Globes Professional


Architect Chris East is now a Green Globes Professional and expert user of the Green Globes environmental assessment, rating, and certification system. Green Globes Professionals may act as consultants on Green Globes projects, facilitate the building certification, provide project management for their clients or employers, or make recommendation on how to achieve different ratings. The GGP curriculum covers green building concepts, Green Globes assessment protocols, Green Globes rating and certification, and case studies.

Green Globes is a nationally recognized for green building design, operation and management. It is interactive, flexible and affordable, and provides market recognition of a building’s environmental attributes through third-party verification. 

  • Green Globes is structured as a self-assessment to be done in-house using a project manager and design team. The system is questionnaire-based with pop-up tips, which show the applicable technical tables that are needed to reply to the questions. An online manual is also available. Users can see how points are being awarded and how they are scoring.
  • The Green Globes platform includes optional interactive guidance to help implement the integrated design process from goal setting to construction documents.

  • Submittal requirements consist of documents that are normally produced as part of any well executed green construction project that uses the integrated design process. They consist of construction drawings, specifications, energy modeling, life cycle analysis, records of meetings, and any “green” plans that the team has developed – for example, storm-water management, landscaping, and commissioning.