"If I were defined by objects, they would be a mallet and chisel for sculpture. I love being creative — always have. "


Director, Architectural

(501) 400-1068

A graduate of Auburn University School of Architecture, Ed is a principal at Cromwell, as well as a Code and Life Safety expert. He is also a LEED Accredited Architect with extensive experience in the design of sustainable buildings. He has designed buildings in 15 states as well as overseas (Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Germany, Italy, Guam, and Belgium). His specialty includes the design of military buildings, university classroom buildings, and corporate office buildings. Because of his work with the U.S. military, he has received training in antiterrorism design and has designed numerous buildings that are in compliance with the Unified Facilities Criteria DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings.

Ed is active in Community Development through his work with the University of Arkansas Breakthrough Solutions Partnership. He has led design charrettes in Breakthrough Solutions pilot communities of Harrison, Mena, Waldron, Mount Ida, Clinton, and Eureka Springs Arkansas. These charrettes focus on developing specific Breakthrough Solutions that will enhance the quality of life in these communities and provide the future-altering breakthroughs they desire for their communities. He has also given presentations on the “Power of Place” to transform a community and the “Power of Visualization in Re-Imagining your community”, and has helped re-imagine the communities of Dardanelle, Fairfield Bay, Manila, Dumas, Rison, and Kingsland. He has received local, state and national/international awards for his work with Breakthrough Solutions. He also served on the Sequoyah National Research Board for five years. His current community development work includes the Trail of Tears Museum for Central Arkansas, the River Trail Landing for North Little Rock, the Johnny Cash Center in Kingsland, and the Mountain View School of Bluegrass and Folk Music.

An avid cyclist, Ed bicycle commutes to work a total of 26 miles daily. He has worked to promote cycling in central Arkansas since 1988, and served as a member and chairman of the Bicycle Friendly Community Committee of Little Rock for over ten years, a committee dedicated to improving the quality of life in Little Rock. He is also served as a member of the board of directors of the Central Arkansas Boys and Girls Clubs for over ten years, and is currently serving on the board of Directors for the St Joseph Center, is a member of the Code Officials of Arkansas, and is a member of Rotary Club 99.


What's one problem you're best at solving for your clients? 

Elevating the design process to a higher level. Bringing that Cromwell creativity, energy, excellence, and enthusiasm to every aspect of the project.

In one word, describe your first day at Cromwell.

Adventure. My life at Cromwell has been an amazing adventure that has exceeded my expectations in almost every area.

Very few people know that I...

Ride over 3,000 miles a year on my bicycle commute to work.

What is your weirdest quirk?

I drink a health shake almost every day that has kale and broccoli in it.