Facility Services

As facilities become more complex, the staff necessary to adequately operate and maintain those facilities sometimes has a difficult time keeping up. Cromwell Facility Services is here to assist you through the confusion.

There are savings to be realized by Owners when energy-efficient aspects of their facilities are properly maintained and operated. The main focus of Cromwell Facility Services is to reduce operating expenses with long-range planning, reducing the carbon footprint, and maximizing the life expectancy of all aspects of the facility. Cromwell Facility Services can manage all facility related aspects of both new and existing facilities. 

Services include:

Evaluation of Existing Maintenance Programs
Facility Condition Assessments
Forensic Investigation/Leak Detection
O&M Manual Creation
Operation Budget Planning
Owner's Representation
Preventative Maintenance
Roof Evaluation and Replacement
Systems Management Plan Development
Thermal Imaging

Cromwell Utility Dashboard

The Cromwell Utility Dashboard is a simple, easy-to-use performance report, delivered as a cloud-based software application that enables building professionals to understand, manage and implement efforts to reduce energy usage and expense. We bring visibility across the entire portfolio – making buildings comparable not only to themselves, but to their peers, to ENERGY STAR® and to business factors that matter. Whether it’s one building or large portfolios, we use utility bill data to answer four key business questions: How are your buildings doing? Where are the best opportunities for savings? Are your buildings getting better or worse? Have past improvements paid off?