Fort Benning-Reception Station Barracks Upgrades


Architecture / Engineering




96,991 SF


Fort Benning-Reception Station Barracks Upgrades

Reception Station Barracks include living, training, and administrative/command operations. The facility renovation included upgrading the building systems as required to meet current codes and regulations. Barnes Barracks consists of six separate buildings joined by a central covered circulation area. The buildings include three 3-story barracks bays, one 4-story barracks bay, a 2-story Bachelor Enlisted Quarters (BEQ), and a 2-story Administration building housing two Company Headquarters (CO HQ).
The intent of the work was to fully renovate the building and systems to provide a finished facility with a like new appearance and function.
The scope the site work was centered around repairing existing parking and sidewalk paving to include stairs, reorganizing the portion of the parking lot serving 30th AG BN staff to handle bus and van traffic, installing a covered training area, and completing a Fire Department access loop. Related demolition work includes the removal of two vaults containing central plant steam and chilled water lines to conform to DPW's goal of eliminating all central plant facilities.  Internal steam and chilled water tunnels were re-purposed for new lines from a central plant serving only this facility and providing a means of routing fire water for new sprinkler systems, fire alarm / MNS, and power.