Fort Benning Trainee Barracks Building Upgrades


Architecture / Engineering




900,000 SF


Fort Benning Trainee Barracks Building Upgrades

Cromwell was tasked with writing RFP's for the complete renovation of 8 infantry training battalions, half of the facilities of this type in the Army inventory.  The facilities, called starships, are about 300,000 SF and include battalion and 5 to 6 company headquarters, barracks for each company, covered training areas, and classrooms.  The buildings were upgraded in two stages.  An RFP for new construction to add space to the battalion headquarters,  to renovate the dining facilities for classrooms, and add storage and space for cleaning TA-50 was included in the first phase.  The second phase involved renovation of all the company headquarters, barracks, and organizational classroom.  The projects began in 2009.  The final RFP was bid in April 2017  The work included site design and coordination with the construction of new dining facilities, coordination with Fort Worth as the Center of Standardization (COS) for starships, and coordination with the Fort Benning training battalion staff and DPW to ensure the base and user needs were addressed.