Fort Benning-Uchee Pool and Splash Pad


Federal Project




13,745 SF


Fort Benning-Uchee Pool and Splash Pad

The renovation of the Uchee Campground Pool at Fort Benning was necessary to bring the existing building up to current codes, DPW requirements, and MWR requirements. The existing one story structure was built in 1970’s and was constructed as a 2,500 SF recreational pool, kiddy pool, and 1,300 SF pump house with a canopy. The facility has an on-grade concrete floor slab with a wood siding exterior on wood framed walls and architectural asphalt roofing that is supported by tongue and groove decking on a wood framed structure. The modernization impacted the pool and pump house. The existing pump house and canopy has deteriorated due to use and being exposed to the environments. The pool equipment does not function properly and there are several maintenance items with the recreation pool and kiddy pool. MWR wanted to at add a splash pad for the campground and it seemed practical to go ahead install and new pool, splash pad, and pump house.
The Scope of Work for the project was to design the modernization of the pool and splash pad. Demolition consisted of demolishing the pump house, canopy, recreational pool, kiddy pool, pool decking, and fencing. The new work consisted of installing a new 2,100 SF pool and a 4,160 SF splash pad. A new 485 SF pump house was built with a contextual design based on the surrounding camping shelters. Pumps, filtration, and chemical stations for both the new recreational pool and splash pad were installed in the new pump house. A new 7,000 SF pool deck was installed along with two 20x20 fabric sunshades and new fencing. A grounding system for the pool and splash pad was installed. New convenience outlets, hose bibs, water fountains, and a shower with a foot wash were installed on the pool deck in several locations. New water and electrical services were installed for the new work. Care was taken during the design for new pool, splash pad, and pump house had to be designed around a cultural resources area near the site.