Fort Bragg-8th Airborne Headquarters- Electrical Upgrade


Architecture / Engineering




40,000 SF


North Carolina
Fort Bragg-8th Airborne Headquarters- Electrical Upgrade

Cromwell provided services for the 18th Airborne Headquarters Facility to evaluate the electrical systems of the building. The building has three floors and a basement. There is one medium voltage generator and associated switchgear located in a separate exterior building.  The main portion of the building’s electrical services is backed up by this emergency generator via the switchgear. There are multiple SUS utility transformers, meters, services and secondary voltages/phases to comprehend as many renovations have taken place over time. The Users within the building are currently experiencing breakers tripping due to overloaded branch circuits. Cromwell prepared an evaluation report describing the condition of the existing electrical power distribution system for each space on each floor of the building, identify visually noticeable deficiencies and code violations and provide designs for electrical system upgrades needed to meet the building’s current function as it relates to additional branch receptacle circuit needs.