Fort Bragg Atchley Pool


Architecture / Engineering




3,300 SF


North Carolina
Fort Bragg Atchley Pool

The purpose of this project was to renovate and existing bathhouse for year round troop training use. The need for additional lap space is critical for soldier fitness and training. 

Renovations included heating and ventilation, as well as site amenities (foundation, utility connections, etc) for an ‘air structure’. The existing one story structure was built in 1987 and consists of 3,300 SF. The existing open air Bathhouse was enclosed from the top of CMU wall to the underside of the wood deck with a storefront glazing system. The entry into the Bathhouse from the pool area was also enclosed with a storefront glazing system. Modifications to the existing interior CMU walls allowed access to the latrines and locker areas without having to go outside of the Bathhouse to access those areas. An office was added to the interior of the Bathhouse. A new HVAC system, minimum heat in the winter and ventilation in the summer, was designed for installation into the existing Bathhouse.

The enclosure of the Bathhouse was designed to marry with an Air Inflated Dome (AID) over the pool. Cromwell provided the following design services with regard to the dome installation: concrete foundation design for the AID, concrete slab design for the equipment pads for the mechanical systems used to inflate the AID, and utility connections for the mechanical systems for the AID (electrical, gas). The existing chain link fence enclosing the pool and five existing light standards within the fenced enclosure were relocated for the install of the AID.