Fort Bragg Building F-3108 Renovation


Federal Project




2,500 SF


North Carolina
Fort Bragg Building F-3108 Renovation

Building F-3108 at Fort Bragg was renovated as necessary to bring the existing building up to current codes, DPW requirements, and mission capabilities as a motor pool parts storage building. The existing one story structure was built in 1990’s and was constructed as a motor pool parts storage building with 10 storage bays. The existing facility consists of 2,500 SF. The facility has an on-grade concrete floor slab with metal siding exterior on metal purlins and metal roofing that is supported by metal purlins on a ridged metal frame structure. The restoration impacted the interior all 10 bays and the exterior of the building. The existing metal siding and roofing had several indentations and punctures that allowed environmental and physical entrances into the storage areas. Over the length of time for the building, the doors have had several locks installed, break-ins, exposed to the environment that they are in need of replacement. The gutters and downspouts have been hit several times that water was not able to run correctly. The downspouts on the backside of the building run off naturally and have eroded the existing slope and left some major cuts in the hillside.
The Scope of Work for the project was to design the repair to the storage building. Demolition consisted of demolishing metal siding, metal downspouts/ gutters/ splashblocks, doors, door framing, door hardware, door operators, and lighting. New work consisted of installing new metal siding, new downspouts/ gutters/ splashblocks, new doors, new door framing, new door hardware, new bollards, and paint existing framing. All new lighting and electrical outlets were installed. New iron boots were installed at the downspouts at the back of the building along with new drainage piping installed from the building down the hill to an existing drainage structure at the road. The erosion at the hillside was filled in, graded, and sodded.