Fort Bragg Community Center HVAC Replacement


Federal Project




8,400 SF


Fort Bragg Community Center HVAC Replacement

The Pope Building 2-4406 on Fort Bragg was in need of renovations to the HVAC system as necessary to bring the existing building up to current codes and DPW requirements.. This project consisted of designing general upgrades to meet Life, Health and Safety requirements and overall functionality of the building. The existing 8,400 SF building has a 6,900 SF basement used as storage.  The building was currently served by a 30 ton air cooled chiller and two hot water boilers. The boilers installed in the mechanical room also serve the surrounding barracks complex. The basement currently has no heating, cooling, or ventilation. The basement is not currently being used for storage because of mold growth and was in need for dehumidification for the space. 
The project required adding adequate HVAC in the basement to reduce humidity and stop the mold growth on future stored items. The basement storage will be conditioned utilizing a vertical fan coil unit with hot water heating and chilled water cooling. The heating water coil will be in the reheat position for on-demand dehumidification of the space. All heating water, chilled water, and outside air originate from the existing systems in the existing mechanical room located above the basement storage.