Fort Bragg Divarty Brigade Headquarters Building C-7646


Federal Project




5,800 SF


North Carolina
Fort Bragg Divarty Brigade Headquarters Building C-7646

Cromwell provided design services for the remodel of Building C-7646 as necessary to bring the existing building up to current codes, DPW requirements, and mission capabilities as a headquarters building for the DIVARTY Brigade. This project consisted of designing general upgrades to meet Life, Health and Safety requirements and overall functionality of the building and utilities. The existing 3,960 SF one story structure was built in 1980’s and is used as an office building. The facility has a concrete floor slab with a CMU facade and a gypsum plank roof system that is supported by steel framing. The renovation of the office impacted the site and building interior and exterior.

The Scope of Work for the project includes the design of open offices, restrooms, mechanical, electrical, communications. The demolition consisted of demolishing the existing flooring, walls, ceiling, fire alarm, HVAC, lighting, electrical, and data. The exterior work consisted of the existing exterior walls to be patched and painted. The interior work consisted of patching of installing new floors, walls, doors, ceiling, and finishes. The restroom was remodeled with new fixtures, toilet accessories, toilet partitions; and a new shower was installed. Due to modifying the existing layout, minor modifications were needed to the fire protection, fire alarm, plumbing, HVAC, lighting, electrical, and data. The civil work consisted of new parking lot for tactical vehicles new parking for personal owned vehicles, new curbs, and new sidewalks. The existing fence around the building was demolished and the shrubs next to the building were removed for ATFP requirements.