Fort Bragg-Open Storage Bldg M-6817


Federal Project




10,700 SF


North Carolina
Fort Bragg-Open Storage Bldg M-6817

he administration area of Building M-6817 was remodeled into a Classified Secure Room for the 28th Ordnance Company EOD. The existing 10,500 SF one story structure was built in 2010 and was constructed as a Company Operations Facility. The existing facility consists of. The facility has an on-grade concrete floor slab with brick and EFIS façade and metal roofing that is supported by metal bar joists on a CMU bearing structure. The renovation will impact the existing administration area and will not impact the building exterior.

The Scope of Work is to provide the design for the remodel of the administration building in which the office and conference area can be classified as an open storage secure room. The administration area consists of 8 offices, storage closets, and a conference room. The remodel was designed per the army regulations for open storage. A new security door was installed at the front and the windows were barred up. A new Intrusion Detection System was installed the area. All HVAC, electrical, and lighting was modified as required by the new construction. All design submittals were reviewed by Army Physical Security for compliance.