Fort Bragg Pet Kennel Renovation


Federal Project


Mixed Use


8,600 SF


North Carolina
Fort Bragg Pet Kennel Renovation

Building 5-1401 and 5-1402 were renovated as necessary to bring the existing building up to current codes, DPW requirements, and mission capabilities as a Pet Resort for Morale, Wellness, and Recreation (MWR) group on Fort Bragg. This project consisted of designing general upgrades to meet Life, Health and Safety requirements, and overall functionality of the building and utilities. The existing 4,300 SF one story structures were built in 1980’s and was used as MWR’s storage and supplies center for soldiers. The facility has a concrete floor slab with metal siding and roofing on a pre-engineered metal building. The renovation of the storage buildings impacted the site and the building exterior and interior.
The Scope of Work for the project included the design of waiting area, grooming, cat colony, laundry, standalone office, break area, latrines, storage, mechanical, electrical, communications, large dog daycare, small dog daycare, small/ medium/ large kennels, isolation, quarantine, and dispensary. Demolition consisted of the existing interior walls and ceilings. The new work consisted of installing new walls, new doors, new ceilings, and new finishes throughout the facilities. A new entrance to the waiting area was constructed in the old overhead door location out of masonry and EFIS. A new prefinished canopy was installed over the front door too. A new corridor was built to provide ease of access between the two buildings.  The small and large dog daycare areas have access to an outside dog run by overhead doors that can be opened. Most of the dog kennels will have access to covered outside dog runs plus a larger dog run was built under an existing metal canopy. All interior finishes in the daycare area and kennels were done in CMU or metal siding for cleanability. A new HVAC system with outside air intakes were installed throughout the pet resort to provide several air changes per hour, fresh air, and to minimize the smell of the animals. All new plumbing was installed including a self washing sanitary sewer system. An electrical distribution system was installed along with new fire alarm, lighting, electrical, and data layouts. New utility services were installed including a new water lines for the domestic water and upgraded electrical services for the facility. New sanitary and storm sewer lines were installed too. ATFP was upgraded for the building.