Fort Bragg-Pope Chapel HVAC Replacement


Federal Project




11,800 SF


North Carolina
Fort Bragg-Pope Chapel HVAC Replacement

The Pope Chapel at Fort Bragg was in need of renovations to the HVAC system as necessary to bring the existing building up to current codes and DPW requirements. This project consisted of designing general upgrades to meet Life, Health and Safety requirements and overall functionality of the building. The existing 11,800 SF one story structure was built in 1970’s and was used as a chapel. The building is split between a chapel and a classroom wing with a main entry between the two wings. The existing HVAC systems were two multi-zone air handlers with heating water coils with under floor ductwork that supplied air into the chapel, but air flow is minimal due to the age of the equipment, maintenance issues, and controls the systems needed to be replaced. There were issues with humidity in the classroom area too.
Repairs  HVAC in the chapel and classroom wings were included in this project. All existing air handling equipment and air distribution accessible within the mechanical rooms were demolished and all of the existing chilled water and heating water systems were demolished too including air-cooled chiller, chilled water pump, heating water boiler, heating water pump, all associated piping, and piping appurtenances. The building’s HVAC is being served by a heat recovery variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system for “comfort” conditioning and split-system dedicated outside air systems (DOAS). The existing under floor air distribution was re-used by the split-system DOAS and the floor grilles were replaced with registers for point-of-delivery air balancing.