Fort Bragg-Twin Lions Pool Building


Federal Project




1,600 SF


North Carolina
Fort Bragg-Twin Lions Pool Building

The existing Twin Lions Pool was built in 1960’s and serves as a training and recreational pool for Fort Bragg.  The pool has an on-grade concrete floor with concrete walls and a concrete deck around the pool. There is an existing saltwater filtration system and heat pump heating system for the pool. The existing pool was leaking at a rate of 5,000 gallons a day. The A-E conducted an analysis including an inspection and identification of pool structure, geophysical testing with self-potential and ground penetrating radar, inspection of related equipment, seepage testing, and piping review to determine the leakage problems and designed a repair to the Pool and Pool Area. We also had a pool consultant assist in the water loss management, leak detection verification, and the recommendation repairs for the pool. The inspection showed that the expansion joints in the walls and the floor of the pool were the main cause of the leakage. The repair that was selected was to cut out the expansion joints since they are not required on a pool this size. The concrete patch was doweled in and new tile and plaster was installed in the pool. The existing was pool gutter system was in need of repair and a new stainless steel gutter system was installed.