Fort Hood Brigade Command & Control Facility


Architecture / Engineering




61,078 SF


Fort Hood Brigade Command & Control Facility

This project consisted of the design of:

  • One (1) Small Battalion Command and Control Building w/o classrooms, for the 588th Battalion 1,125.5 S.M
  • Two (2) Brigade Headquarters Buildings, for the 4th Aviation Brigade (975.3 S.M.) and the 504th Military Intelligence Brigade (975.3 S.M.)
  • One (1) two story Large Brigade Headquarters Building, sized on the brigade’s requirements, for the 3rd Signal Brigade. (2,596.6 S.M.). This building features Secure Conference Room, Office and Administrative Areas, Secure Vault, Secure and Nonsecure Telephone and LAN Communications systems, and Deployment Storage

Work included all necessary site work, utilities, fire protection, pavements, extensive off-site communications connections, landscaping, parking, demolition of 2 existing buildings, associated structures, and site improvements. Special foundations were necessary due to expansive soil. Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection measures were included for each building. Comprehensive building and furnishings related interior design services were required. The design for these buildings qualifies for a "Bronze" level rating under SPiRiT.

  • 3rd Signal Brigade 2596.6 SM (27,939. SF)
  • 4th AVN Brigade 975.3 SM (10,494. SF)
  • 504th MI Brigade 975.3 SM (10,494. SF)
  • 588th Battalion 1125.5 SM (12,110. SF)
  • Total Project Area = 5672.7 SM (61,038. SF)
  • Anti-terrorism and force protection requirements were incorporated, including setback, building design and mass notification systems • The small Battalion Command and Control building and the two Brigage Headquarter buildings were based on standard corps designs and modified for each user. • The two story large Brigade Headquarters building was a completely custom design for the 3rd Signal Brigade. The design was produced during an on-site design charrette at Ft. Hood with the Corps Project Manager, Ft. Hooed DPW and staff from the 3rd Signal Brigade, including the Commanding Officer. The design features a 2-story open lobby and main corridors with exposed structure and mechanical ductwork integrated into the design.