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Fort Jackson Reception Battalion

Cromwell is providing commissioning services for the facility renovation (upgrading the building enclosure and building systems such as mechanical, electrical, fire protection and structural as required to meet current codes and regulations). Total building commissioning practices are executed in order to verify performance of building components and systems and ensure that Owner Project Requirements (OPR) are met and fall within ASHRAE Standard 189.1 Section, ASHRAE Guideline 0, ASHRAE Guideline 1.1, LEED Energy and Atmosphere (EA) Prerequisite 1 and LEED EA Credit 3. 

Cromwell performed commissioning of 100% of the HVAC controls and equipment consistent with the Pre-Design Phase, Design Phase, Construction Phase and Occupancy and Operations Phase. The Cromwell team performed and documented a post occupancy system monitoring and inspection to review building operation within 12 months after beneficial occupancy. Post occupancy system monitoring and inspection results were used to verify compliance with the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR), revise and update the Systems Manual, and complete of the Final Commissioning Report.

Mechanical systems for this project were served by district heating and chilled water. The project provided redundant pumping systems that maintain pressure requirements that meet the capacity requirements of air side systems. Systems consisted of two fresh air units that supplied multiple floor level air handling units where mixing occurs. These units served downstream VAV units with reheat capabilities. The HVAC system featured a cooling capacity of over 120 tons and a heating capacity of approximately 460 MBH.