Franklin Elementary School Bathroom Renovation


Architecture / Engineering




69,500 SF


Franklin Elementary School Bathroom Renovation

The Franklin Elementary bathroom renovation project included replacing all of the existing 15 student and staff facilities for all wings of the 69,500 SFschool. . The project was completed over the 2015 summer break, while special remedial classes were taking place in the building. These restrooms encompass the entirety of the Elementary school, which has been constructed over four different phases in as many decades. There were several different existing construction types and styles. This provided a challenge of phasing, and being sure any work occurring in the building allowed the other facilities to remain operable. The replacement consisted of total plumbing, lighting, mechanical, finish and ADA upgrades to make the facilities meet current building standards and improve the overall appearance and operation of the elementary school. The new bathrooms standardized each of the previously installed bathroom groups to a single fixture type and consistent building aesthetic, as well as solving several of the ongoing maintenance problems that previously existed.