Garland County Detention Center


Architecture / Engineering
Interior Design




175,000 SF


Garland County Detention Center

The Garland County Detention Center houses 480 inmates with a capacity to add up to 600 in a 25 year build-out. It has state of the art Electronic Security and Detention systems. A technique called "Direct Supervision" is used and means that a Deputy will be located within the Housing Units at all times thus reducing inmate problems such as vandalism, fighting, and unacceptable behavior. This allows the General Population Units to have a more humane feel, such as wood doors, carpeting, and porcelain toilets and sinks within the cells. The facility is approximately 175,000 SF and incorporates 7 Housing Units, 2 Dorm Units, Administration areas, Food Service and Laundry, Booking and Release, and has provisions for a future Court component. All of the cells are pre-manufactured, precast concrete, as are the majority of the exterior walls.