Garland County Detention Center Ribbon Cutting


Cromwell attended the Garland County Detention Center ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony on Saturday, April 18, 2015. Cromwell began designing this $42 million dollar facility in 2012. It has the capacity to house 482 inmates in a “Direct Supervision” environment. The Garland County Detention Center is the first of its kind in Arkansas using this method. Direct supervision includes having a corrections officer present at all time within the living areas to manage inmate behavior and promote effective and safe control. 

The new detention center includes 8 housing units, an alternative sentencing unit, Health Services, Inmate Programs, Defensive Tactics / Training, a Courtroom, Video Courtroom, Food Service, Video Visitation, and Maintenance / Housekeeping areas. It was designed to Arkansas Criminal Detention Facility Review Commission Jail Standards and uses proven technology to enhance operations and increase safety.

Fun Facts: 

  • 270 surveillance cameras
  • 200,000+ concrete blocks
  • 600+ intercoms and card readers throughout the building 
  • 192 inmate cells
  • Unencumbered main hallway measuring 582 feet
  • Over one mile of fiber used for security equipment
  • 150+ miles of wiring used throughout
  • 100 employees
  • Staff training hours prior to occupancy will encompass over 30,000+ hours