Hall High School Bathroom Renovation Phase I and Phase II


Architecture / Engineering




240,000 SF


Hall High School Bathroom Renovation Phase I and Phase II

The Hall High School bathroom renovation project included replacing all of the 50 existing student and staff facilities for all wings of the 240,000 SF high school.  The project was split into two phases, to be completed in consecutive summers, because the duration of the work would be too long for a single summer break.  The replacement consisted of total plumbing, lighting, mechanical, finish and ADA upgrade to make the facilities meet current building standards and improve the overall appearance and operation of the high school.  Cromwell worked very closely with the school district and the contractor during the summer to stay in constant communication and be sure any unknown conditions of  working on a 60 year old building are resolved quickly and inexpensively so the school would be ready for students by fall. We also standardized the fixture types, upgraded the systems, and updated the aesthetics to meet today's modern students.