Haso USA - Lincoln Building Facility Condition Assessment, Jonesboro, AR


Facility Condition Assessment




365,000 SF


Haso USA - Lincoln Building Facility Condition Assessment, Jonesboro, AR

Cromwell provided a Facility Condition Assessment for a 365,000 SF manufacturing facility for Haso USA in Jonesboro, AR, to determine a list and cost for major maintenance required initially and within a 10 year lease period.
The scope of the study and report included:
1. Site Assessment: utilities, paving, storm water, parking (including handicap spots), access, landscaping, and truck access
2. Architectural Assessment: exterior building condition (roof, walls, windows, doors), ADA considerations, stairs and fire escapes, obvious code issues
3. Structural Assessment: floor slab, roof structure (including condition and live load capacity), exterior walls, cranes and potential for adding cranes to the structure,
4. Mechanical and Plumbing Assessment: HVAC system including boilers and chillers if applicable, plumbing system
5. Electrical Assessment: power, lighting, power distribution, transformers
6. Code assessment
7. Cost estimates for repair, replacement, and maintenance costs for issues found in the
8. Photos of the building and major items noted in the study
9. PDFs of the drawings for the original buildings used in the study.