Heifer International Headquarters Commissioning


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Heifer International Headquarters Commissioning

In the summer of 2011, Heifer International contracted with Cromwell to perform Retro-Commissioning services, due to the facilities discovery of its inadequacy in energy savings. The achieved objectives of the Retro-Cx services were as follows:

  • Identify and resolve specific performance issues
  • Adapt system function to changing buildings uses
  • Increase system efficiency and reduce energy consumption
  • Analyze overall system performance and identify deficiencies
  • Identify the causes/solutions for general system degradation

With the achieved objectives of the Retro-Cx services in mind and obvious improvements in building performance, the client realized the benefits of the commissioning services and continued the services with Ongoing and Re-Cx of the facility. The commissioning processes continued to show its benefits as the Cx team was able to discover issues of the systems operation. Not only did the Cx team discover these new issues, but was able to provide a solution to the problem and provide resolutions to most issue quickly before the entire building was affected. Those issues, resolutions, and suggestions for improved building performance are included in body of this report.

Cromwell assists Heifer International with a full analysis and monitoring of their systems every Spring and Fall to make sure they stay on track and are using energy efficiently.