Hensel Phelps Convenience Store


Federal Project




960 SF


North Carolina
Hensel Phelps Convenience Store

A 960 SF double wide construction trailer was remodeled into a Convenience Store at Fort Bragg. The renovation provided an attractive area for people to grab a bite to eat and relax throughout the day.
The rooms included serving area, serving counter, kitchen/prep area, dinning, janitorial, and an office. The serving area included space for a blender area, coffee maker, espresso machine, food display case, sandwich prep table including under counter refrigerators, under counter ice machine, two registers, and condiment area. The kitchen/ prep area included refrigerator, freezer, meat slicer, soup kettles, work tables, dry storage, paper storage, hand washing sink, and a three-compartment sink. A new interior design scheme was provided for the dining area and the serving area to provide a “modern café” look. A new HVAC system was installed throughout the convenience store along with new lighting, electrical, and data layouts. All utilities were designed as temporary services so the trailer could be moved around the site as required due to the construction commencing on the site.