Hill Air Force Base - Building 1160


Roof Assessment / Replacement




240,000 SF


Hill Air Force Base - Building 1160

This project consisted of the removal of 240,000 SF of existing standing seam metal roof systems and the installation of a 90 mil EDPM roofing system with a 30 year warranty over the same area. It included the installation of metal decking on the existing steel frame, R30 polyiso board insulation, new equipment curbs, gutters and leaders with snow melt, repair of deteriorated sealant at concrete fire wall joints, and lightning protection system.  Cromwell also included modifications to the existing steel joists adjacent to the concrete fire walls in response to the lack of capacity in these joists in the original building design to resist snow drift loads. Existing rooftop mechanical equipment was not replaced, but re-installed on the new roof curbs.