Hillcrest Academy at Riverdale


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30,000 SF


Hillcrest Academy at Riverdale

The Academy at Riverdale is a non-profit school, opened in 2003 by Lt. Governor Winthrop P. and Lisenne Rockefeller. The Academy provides a strong academic learning environment for children who have a variety of special educational needs. The 12,800 SF school plans to expand to 33,800 SF and targets students who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, or special needs beyond those which mainstream school programs serve. Goals for students are individualized, and crafted in collaboration with parents, teachers and therapists, therefore the school had to be flexible enough to accommodate numerous activities.

The Academy concentrates on students, ages 5 through 21, who need and benefit from the integration of academics and therapy. At the Academy, students learn and grow both academically and socially in a stimulating environment specifically designed to meet their basic educational needs. Reading and math are studied in small groups based on students’ developmental level in those subjects. Students study other subjects in their classroom with age-appropriate peers. The Academy also provides physical, speech and occupational therapy as is necessary and appropriate to enhance their learning and physical developmental needs.

Energy efficient features include a geothermal heating system.