Hotel Pines


Facility Condition Assessment




110,000 SF


Hotel Pines

The existing Hotel Pines is a 6 story hotel originally opened in 1913. The hotel closed in 1970 but several retail establishments were in the building until the 1980's. The building has set vacant with minimal improvements and maintenance the past 10 years. The total building size is approximately 110,000 SF total on an approximately 22,100 SF lot. The primary work on the project was a structural property condition assessment of the building. The deliverable was a report and photos for the building outlining the findings from the investigation.

The study and report cover the following:

  • Site Observations
  • Architectural Observations including the following:
    • Finishes
    • ADA
    • Stairs and fire escapes
  • Structural Observations including condition of the structure and masonry walls
  • Code issues as it pertains to the disciplines noted above
  • Photos of the buildings and major items noted in the study.

Currently the building is undergoing renovations sponsored by the non-profit group Go Forward Pine Bluff.