Joint Forces Headquarters, Jackson Barracks, LA


Architecture / Engineering




111,653 SF


Joint Forces Headquarters, Jackson Barracks, LA

The Joint Forces Headquarters Project comprises four separate buildings, two central plant facilities, military vehicle parking and associated demolition, civil work, utilities and landscaping. Jackson Barracks is a historic facility wilth historic properties included in the project. The components of the complex are:

  • Adjutant General's Office (AGO) Building (2 stories - 15,198 sf): The AGO Building’s location is significant because it bridges between the oldest section of Jackson Barracks, the original antebellum structures, and newer sections of Jackson Barracks to the north of the Parade Ground. It will anchor the south end of the parade ground and face the new JFHQ at the north end.
  • Fleming Hall (3 stories - 14,259 sf): The original Fleming Hall was constructed in 1937 as a WPA project and was used for military ceremonies and meetings. The main central wing floors one and two will be restored and will become Warrior Hall and the Hall of Fame. On the first floor the two smaller end rooms will be renovated into a warming kitchen and beverage services. An exterior courtyard is planned directly to the south of the ground floor main room.
  • Joint Forces Headquarters Building (JFHQ) (2 stories - 72,212 sf): The Joint Force Headquarters building will provide office and storage space for the LAARNG. To reduce the scale and to frame the new parade ground, the project was developed as a two-story building consisting of a center element, incorporating the new sally port, and a west and east wing. The verandas of the historic buildings were identified as the principal element that connect visually and physically the buildings to the parade ground. In the same spirit, the design team decided to introduce the veranda in their designs as an active element providing egress and main circulation between the buildings. The covered exterior verandas also provide shade, thereby reducing the heat gain while allowing daylight to penetrate deep into the spaces through high windows. The narrow floor plate together with operable windows ensures maximum daylight, view and natural cross ventilation for the users.
  • Dining Facility Building (DFAC) (1 story - 9,984 sf): The DFAC is a one-story building, which consists of two kitchens and a shared dining area.

This project is the recipient of a SCC Merit Award.