"Something that people always associate with me is my family — they're #1 to me and I try to enjoy every minute I have with my girls, as they are growing up fast. I have put most of my hobbies on hold for a while, as my family is my favorite hobby."

Jonathan Story, PE

Structural Engineering

(501) 400-1123

What's one problem you're best at solving for your clients?

I do my best to make a building as easy to construct as possible. I always try to keep in mind, would I do it this way if I were actually building it? My ideal client would say, "You know, there were basically no real issues constructing this building." 

What excites you about your work?

As a structural engineer, I enjoy solving puzzles. A building is one very big puzzle and figuring out how all the pieces fit together best can be quite a challenge sometimes. Getting the optimum solution puts a smile on my face and helps me to sleep well at night.

What is your favorite website?

katv.weather I'm always curious what's the weather going to be like.

What is the most out-of-the-box task you do at work?

I once crawled under a very old building in downtown Little Rock in a small utility tunnel. I guess I was the right guy for the job.

What is your favorite quote?

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex...It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." -E. F. Schumacher

What was the last thing you binge-watched?

Love It or List It

What is your weirdest quirk?

I'm a germ freak. I wash my hands constantly and that has been one of the most stressful things about having kids to me. They eat stuff off the floor!

What is your most unusual possession?

I have a cast mold of my mouth and teeth from my days as an early teenager when I had braces.

What would the title of your autobiography be?

Driven, But Not Crazy