Lackland Air Force Base Animal Hospital


Architecture / Engineering




30,397 SF


Lackland Air Force Base Animal Hospital

This project is a one of a kind medical facility for many of the working dogs throughout the world utilized by the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. It is a single story, 26,000 SF building with space for examination, treatment, diagnostic, surgery, intensive care, physical therapy, dental, isolation, necropsy, recovery, medical records and administration operations. The facility is identical to a human hospital with all the same treatment and diagnostic spaces with the exception of the tables used for the patients. Patient flow is critical outside and inside the building to avoid any face to face contact which leads to one way traffic on the interior and dual walkways on the exterior.

The site work includes all utilities, grading, drainage, covered parking for government vehicle, a service dock, expanded parking lot, access roads parking lots and phasing to construct the new facility and site work while keeping the existing hospital in operation. When the new facility was complete the existing facility was demolished.

The facility utilized readily available and commonly used materials both on the interior and exterior. The building structure consisted on a pre-engineered metal building frame and metal roof supported by a structural floor slab and foundation system.

Exterior wall construction consists of brick veneer over either metal stud or concrete masonry backup. The materials and colors of the facility were chosen based on standard color pallettes required in this area of the installation. Precast accents and sunscreens are used to accent the exterior appearance and provided much needed screening of the sun in south Texas.

This is a critical facility which is utilized to provide comprehensive medical care for the 650 plus military working dogs assigned to the MWD training center at Lackland AFB and serving the DoD throughout the world along with dogs belonging to the Transportation Security Agency (explosives detectors), US Customs Service (narcotics detectors), US Coast Guard (narcotics), US Border Patrol (narcotics), US Secret Service (explosives,) and the Department of Homeland Security.