Landstuhl Public Health Command Construction Commissioning


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Landstuhl Public Health Command Construction Commissioning

Cromwell provided phased commissioning services for the remodel of a full-service laboratory specializing in biological, environmental, occupational health, and public health related analytical laboratory testing. The intent of commissioning the project was to provide the Users/Operators with an unbiased high level of assurance that the commissioned systems have been documented and installed in the specified manner; verifying a safe healthful facility, optimizing system performance, optimizing energy use, reducing operation cost, ensuring adequate O&M staff training and improve the installed building systems. 

Along with a thorough review of the construction documents, the systems being commissioned include, but are not limited to, the HVAC, lab required gasses, fire detection and sprinkler systems, security systems, communication systems, and the entire building automation and energy management system.

The project represented a unique challenge for the commissioning team because of special requirements for different types of labs, lack of adequate supporting infrastructure, the historic importance of the building, the original use of the building as a pre-World War II era dormitory, the involvement of the German government in design and construction, and additional general security requirements.