Life Cycle of a Building


Cromwell has always worked to provide the greatest level of service thru the entire life of a building. Cromwell’s newest service line, Facility Services, allows us to support our clients in a variety of ways. Cromwell Facility Services can address virtually any aspect of management related to systems, maintenance, contracts, and logistics. Juggling these elements in-house can often result in significant challenges that Owners may not fully realize are caused by inefficiencies. Cromwell wants to streamline these services while providing you with a quick return on investment.

An average HVAC system accounts for up to 40% of utility costs, any inefficiency in its operation can be costly. Correcting those inefficiencies allows us the quickest return on investment. Cromwell’s Facility Services is backed by a staff of experienced engineers and energy management professionals. This expertise allows our team to analyze all aspects of your building to identify the biggest opportunities and best solutions. The question becomes, how much is your current system draining your company’s bottom line, and how long are you going to allow it?

We understand that running a business is demanding, especially when compounded with the stress of properly operating a building. This includes the multiple contracts required for services such as the maintenance, janitorial, and landscaping. Cromwell’s knowledge and experience with these providers can help you find the highest quality service for the best available price.

Business continuity and reliability are growing risks in our competitive economic client. In a collaborative effort with our Energy Services team, our Facility Services experts can help prevent system failures in your building. Utilizing advanced diagnostics, our team can predict when and where your system failures will occur. This allows the development of a preventive maintenance and capital improvement plan that can help prevent system failures that could shut down your business and production. With the typical lifespan of an HVAC system being only 15-20 years, a detailed planned preventive maintenance program can result in substantial financial savings by extending the life of the equipment and reducing the frequency of service calls.

This is only a small selection of the types of services that can be provided under our new department. Give us a call and let us develop a plan and procedure that addresses your specific needs and inefficiencies.