Little Rock Air Force Base - Consolidated Airfield Support Facility


Architecture / Engineering




36,000 SF


Little Rock Air Force Base - Consolidated Airfield Support Facility

This Statement of Work (SOW) is to provide conceptual design(s) of the Consolidated Airfield Support Facility, Little Rock Air Force Base, Arkansas with a combined total floor space of approximately 36,000 square feet. Functional areas required include, but are not limited to: Base Operations; Weather Flight; Transient Alert; Operational Support Squadron components (Command Section, Tactics, Intelligence, and Current Operations Flights); Command and Control functions (Controlled Entry, Command Post, Maintenance Operations Center, Crisis Action Team, Force Protection Operations Center); and special and other purpose areas (Flight Kitchen, Distinguished Visitor Lounge, Air Crew Lounge, Briefing Room, Conference Room(s), Secure Room(s), non-interruptible power supply, and Communications Center). Paved parking for facility occupants and visitors. Two facilities, totaling approximately 14,779 square feet shall be demolished. Cromwell performed this scope of work with our JV partner Garver Engineers.